About Me

rick turnerI have been addicted to everything now I am at a time in my life where I can say I’m getting sober again. The struggle was unimaginable as the memories continue to haunt my thoughts with every passing day. I felt that I was in need of an outlet that would provide me the chance to get these thoughts out of my head. So a blog naturally just seemed like the next best step for the direction that my life is headed. I survived this, now it is time to pay it forward so that we can stand together and remember we are Never Tapping Out.

I started from the bottom and then worked my way up. Once upon a time I did not have the means to keep a roof over my head or a meal on my table. I would steal anything even if I had no use for what it was that I was stealing. Just so I could make a quick dollar that was spent just as fast as I made it. I thought that this life would be the best one I could have and at that time I could see why. My judgement was clouded and my morals were a mess.

I vowed to never relapse more than ten years ago and the name of my blog is I’m Getting Sober Again. As you have guessed it I have relapsed since my “vow” and it was not just once. I’m a mess, but I am also a warrior that can admit his weaknesses. I decide if my weaknesses control my actions, I decide if they make me stronger, and I decide if I am giving into them. My decision is final and I’m not going to relive my addictive past, I left that in the past for a reason.