Concerns Sober People Have To Manage

There are many adversities that an addict in recovery must face. Aside of the temptation for relapse there’s the difficulties that come naturally. This can even be trying to enjoy the company of friends that are not in treatment. I’m not saying that I am trying to hangout with my old drug dealer but my best friends are not addicts. They are just grown men that want to have a drink, and that’s cool, but that’s not the life for me.
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Can I Get Sober With Yoga?

I am always looking for new ways to keep my mind preoccupied throughout the day. I hear a lot of people claiming that yoga can be the key to gaining tranquility and even in some cases sobriety. That sounds a little strange to me but who am I to knock it. Read More About “Can I Get Sober With Yoga?” »

How long to avoid your addiction when you are in treatment?

Avoiding your addiction when you are in treatment can at times be more difficult then ever imagined. Addiction is more than just having a substance abuse problem. Addiction comes with people and the memories that you begin associate the addiction over time. As a result you end up hating yourself while being upset with others because you are too blind with rage to notice that you hold the key to your own success.
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What Is An Addict Supposed To Do?

It is in my nature to stay and fight for my beliefs but what am I supposed to do if I come into contact with my past addictions. Should I take off running the opposite direction? Maybe I should just hang around and let my training that I learned in treatment take over. To be honest I really don’t know what will happen when that day finally comes around. Read More About “What Is An Addict Supposed To Do?” »

I Want to Get Sober Again

i want to get soberWhat is the difference between social drinking and abusing alcohol? For some this creates a grey area between the lines of alcoholism and social drinking, that results in reflective questioning. Such as; when am I crossing the line, where are the signs that warn me, and how will I know when I have gone too far?

These questions are reflective and will most certainly arise when approaching the grey lines between social drinking and alcoholism.  For me I have been struggling with addiction as it has created a great deal of problems in my social life. I personally want to get sober again and stay away from these grey areas.

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Staying Sober in Alcoholics Anonymous

Alice the Recovering Alcoholic

I could image becoming sober without the AA program even though it is proven to be a very powerful in its ability to help addicts of alcoholism. Except, I for one would believe in my strength to do whatever it takes to become sober. However this does not mean that I believe that A.A. is an ineffective program by any means.

Staying sober in Alcoholics Anonymous or A.A. is challenging to think of at first as it is a huge commitment for someone. So why not just focus on achieving your goal of living freely without the dependence of alcohol first? I mean AA is anonymous so there are no records kept, but I believe it is safe to say that AA has helped millions of people.

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