Frequently Asked Question(s)

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about the the long road to recovery that the I got sober again blog can provide you. You can also review the Substance Abuse Treatment for services that are implemented by the Maryland Addiction Recovery Center to help recovering addicts. If you ever in need of emergency treatment please be sure to contact your local infirmary as soon as possible.

Describing “Our Goal”

Q: What is the goal of I Got Sober Again Blog?

A: The I Got Sober Again Blog is very goal oriented around providing not only a sobering location to share life experiences but also to offer our services as an experienced addict.

General Questions

Q: How do I contact the site?

A: Simply click on Contact in the menu bar. From here you will find a contact form that will allow you to send me a direct e-mail.

Q: Do you have any other websites to help fight against addiction?

A: Yes, you can follow my sobering journey via: