How long to avoid your addiction when you are in treatment?

Avoiding your addiction when you are in treatment can at times be more difficult then ever imagined. Addiction is more than just having a substance abuse problem. Addiction comes with people and the memories that you begin associate the addiction over time. As a result you end up hating yourself while being upset with others because you are too blind with rage to notice that you hold the key to your own success.
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Understanding Drug Addictions: Childhood Stories

Getting SoberI have lived most of my life through curious eyes. As a child, I had a strange desire for anything that was new to me. I would desire every new toy, new candy, I even remember one time I pleaded for an entire month to have a pair of shoes with light up soles. I feel as if I am making myself sound like a spoiled child but it is quite the contrary.

Just because I said I desired owning the newest gadget does not mean that I actually got them. The truth is that as a child my family was not the most fortunate with money. This was a fact that I did not learn until quite sometime after my childhood. Read More About “Understanding Drug Addictions: Childhood Stories” »