Addiction Is A Mental Illness But Does It Make Me A Psychopath?

Understanding Mental Illness

A mental illness is also referred to as having a mental disease and at times can become so severe that the person diagnosed with this illness may be referred to as a psychopath. As soon as the word psychopath is heard it is usually used in reference to having antisocial characteristics. Yet I believe this classification is a bit skewed. However when I hear the word psychopath I do not envision a person with unsociable traits.

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What Is An Addict Supposed To Do?

It is in my nature to stay and fight for my beliefs but what am I supposed to do if I come into contact with my past addictions. Should I take off running the opposite direction? Maybe I should just hang around and let my training that I learned in treatment take over. To be honest I really don’t know what will happen when that day finally comes around. Read More About “What Is An Addict Supposed To Do?” »

Being the Addict

Being the addict is so strange; food, friends, family, living, breathing all seem better depending whether I am high or not. I was not always thinking about stuffing every corner of my body with drugs. Once upon a time I used to get high on life and live it to the max. Rather then worrying about my next high I was worried about when I would get to go out and play again. I was taught to always try my best and do what is right my whole life. At least that’s what I like telling myself everyday to be satisfied the craving of my addictions. Despite the fact that I am now a sober man today, I’ll never escape my reality that I am still an addict. Read More About “Being the Addict” »