Concerns Sober People Have To Manage

There are many adversities┬áthat an addict in recovery must face. Aside of the temptation for relapse there’s the difficulties that come naturally. This can even be trying to enjoy the company of friends that are not in treatment. I’m not saying that I am trying to hangout with my old drug dealer but my best friends are not addicts. They are just grown men that want to have a drink, and that’s cool, but that’s not the life for me.
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Top 10 Staying Sober Tips

Im getting sober againI wake up everyday and my first thought is always the same. Who am I? It is as if I’m some sort of computer program that needs to download my personality from my brain. It’s no joke. The first thought I have every day is “who I am” in every sense of the words. I used to wake up and think, “I’m that guy that going to get wasted today.” Read More About “Top 10 Staying Sober Tips” »

Can I Get Sober With Yoga?

I am always looking for new ways to keep my mind preoccupied throughout the day. I hear a lot of people claiming that yoga can be the key to gaining tranquility and even in some cases sobriety. That sounds a little strange to me but who am I to knock it. Read More About “Can I Get Sober With Yoga?” »