Top 10 Staying Sober Tips

Im getting sober againI wake up everyday and my first thought is always the same. Who am I? It is as if I’m some sort of computer program that needs to download my personality from my brain. It’s no joke. The first thought I have every day is “who I am” in every sense of the words. I used to wake up and think, “I’m that guy that going to get wasted today.” Read More About “Top 10 Staying Sober Tips” »

Can I Get Sober With Yoga?

I am always looking for new ways to keep my mind preoccupied throughout the day. I hear a lot of people claiming that yoga can be the key to gaining tranquility and even in some cases sobriety. That sounds a little strange to me but who am I to knock it. Read More About “Can I Get Sober With Yoga?” »

Addiction Is A Mental Illness But Does It Make Me A Psychopath?

Understanding Mental Illness

A mental illness is also referred to as having a mental disease and at times can become so severe that the person diagnosed with this illness may be referred to as a psychopath. As soon as the word psychopath is heard it is usually used in reference to having antisocial characteristics. Yet I believe this classification is a bit skewed. However when I hear the word psychopath I do not envision a person with unsociable traits.

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What Is An Addict Supposed To Do?

It is in my nature to stay and fight for my beliefs but what am I supposed to do if I come into contact with my past addictions. Should I take off running the opposite direction? Maybe I should just hang around and let my training that I learned in treatment take over. To be honest I really don’t know what will happen when that day finally comes around. Read More About “What Is An Addict Supposed To Do?” »

Staying Sober in Alcoholics Anonymous

Alice the Recovering Alcoholic

I could image becoming sober without the AA program even though it is proven to be a very powerful in its ability to help addicts of alcoholism. Except, I for one would believe in my strength to do whatever it takes to become sober. However this does not mean that I believe that A.A. is an ineffective program by any means.

Staying sober in Alcoholics Anonymous or A.A. is challenging to think of at first as it is a huge commitment for someone. So why not just focus on achieving your goal of living freely without the dependence of alcohol first? I mean AA is anonymous so there are no records kept, but I believe it is safe to say that AA has helped millions of people.

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Helping an Addict Recover

I'm Getting Sober Again | The Addictive Blog | Helping Addicts Recover

I plan on getting sober by living my rowdy life one breath at a time. One long deep breath at a time really is the only way I know how to start my day off. I usually wake up around 7:30 A.M. and start with a deep breath to take the morning edge off. Then I eat some cereal with orange juice as I check the news to see what insanity might have occurred while I slept. As the time rounds 8:30 A.M., I get dressed for my days activities; a suit for work, a pair of mesh shorts for the gym, or nothing if it is my day off. Now replenished and hopefully dressed I am ready to take on the world as I take one last deep breath on my way out of my front door for my morning run. Read More About “Helping an Addict Recover” »

Being the Addict

Being the addict is so strange; food, friends, family, living, breathing all seem better depending whether I am high or not. I was not always thinking about stuffing every corner of my body with drugs. Once upon a time I used to get high on life and live it to the max. Rather then worrying about my next high I was worried about when I would get to go out and play again. I was taught to always try my best and do what is right my whole life. At least that’s what I like telling myself everyday to be satisfied the craving of my addictions. Despite the fact that I am now a sober man today, I’ll never escape my reality that I am still an addict. Read More About “Being the Addict” »

Have the Strength Together

I’m getting sober again after years of battling my own struggles with addiction. Now I’m at a time in my life where I am ready to win the war by sharing my journey of Never Tapping Out through my blog posts. We will help each other get stronger with each post I create. As with each step we create new memories to overwrite the bad ones just like a defragmented hard drive. I know it sounds weird but that is really how memory works. We have these crazy terrible thoughts that remain in the foreground of our mind as if these memories were our current thought process.

I realize that I do not need to do what once haunted my life but it does sound really attractive to me. I started off smoking marijuana or that fire as I used to call it, it was awesome just the natural flower instead of all the fake crap that I used most of time. Marijuana is the mother of all addictions, there is a reasons it is called the gateway drug. It is not because all I used to do is burn at the end of my driveway by the gate but rather because it is usually every addicts first drug of choice.

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