Have the Strength Together

I’m getting sober again after years of battling my own struggles with addiction. Now I’m at a time in my life where I am ready to win the war by sharing my journey of Never Tapping Out through my blog posts. We will help each other get stronger with each post I create. As with each step we create new memories to overwrite the bad ones just like a defragmented hard drive. I know it sounds weird but that is really how memory works. We have these crazy terrible thoughts that remain in the foreground of our mind as if these memories were our current thought process.

I realize that I do not need to do what once haunted my life but it does sound really attractive to me. I started off smoking marijuana or that fire as I used to call it, it was awesome just the natural flower instead of all the fake crap that I used most of time. Marijuana is the mother of all addictions, there is a reasons it is called the gateway drug. It is not because all I used to do is burn at the end of my driveway by the gate but rather because it is usually every addicts first drug of choice.

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